Make your Community GE-Free

Make your Community GM Crop Free before PHARMACEUTICAL Crops contaminate your food supply.

For years we've actively campaigned local as well as provincial and federal governments, to become GE-Free. Members have given private and public presentations and handed MP Colin Mayes written bills urging him to present them in the House of Commons. Members have handed Regional District of the North Okanagan directors as well as various mayors and councils motions they could use to stop GM Crops.  None of this has yet been done, which is why we felt we had to start the Bee SAFE movement.

Since then, we've given more presentations, have shown films, held events and garden tours, and have allowed citizens in Cherryville and Rural Lumby to vote as to whether they want agriculture that is GMO FREE. Over 93% of voters said they want GM Contamination stopped.

You see, once GM crops are grown, they contaminate all wild and cultivated plants in the same family that are within reach of pollination by wind or insect. So if we want to keep our food supply healthy, we need to stop GM contamination. GMO are dangerous to our health.

Already sweet corn is contaminated. 33% of the sweet corn sold in markets and stores throughout BC is contaminated with GMO. Already Canola test plots have been grown in the riding, and repeatedly sprayed with dangerous chemicals that are banned in Europe. At least one of those plots was within close distance to a primary school yard and was sprayed numerous times during the school year.

The next GM crops to be approved are GM apple, GM fish, GM trees, GM alfalfa, GM pharmacrops. These turn ordinary plants such as corn into factories that can produce antibiotics, insulin, blood thinners, cancer drugs.... In the US, pharma corn has been provento contaminate other crops. If you want to make sure the food you grow or buy is not contaminated with antibiotics or blood thinners, then you must fight GM CROPS IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITY.