Action against genetically engineered 'Arctic' Apple

Image removed.Bee SAFE, along with the Society for a GE Free BC, CBAN and the Health Action Network Society (HANS) are asking the BC Government to declare a moratorium on the GM apple and we're asking retailers to commit to not selling the GM apple.

PLEASE HELP by doing 3 things:

  1. Go to your local store and ask the manager to commit to not sell the GM apple.
  2. Collect signatures on the BC petition and place petitions in local popular spots.
  3. Write, call or meet with your MLA to ask him to support a moratorium on the GM apple.

Attached is a Poster explaining the campaign, and a Petition. Click here for all the facts on the GM apple.

We are working on getting a private member's bill presented in the legislature asking for a moratorium on the GM apple. We think the GE apple can be stopped because all municipalities in BC have passed a resolution against it, apple grower associations in BC and Washington State have publicly come out against the apple, and no one wants the apple except the company in the Okanagan developing it. 

There are 4 things you can do to make this happen:

  1. Print the attached petition and display it in your community - at markets, in stores, at events, anywhere you can, and gather as many signatures as possible.
    Let us know where in your community petitions will be available so we can let others know.
  1. Let all the stores where you shop know that you do not want the GM apple and ask the manager to please not stock it so as not to confuse buyers.
  2. Send letters to your local paper letting people know about the campaign and asking them to sign the petition.
  3. Contact your MLA's office to tell them you do not want the GM apple.
    See links to all MLA     at