Advisory Committee won't advise and Representative won't represent!

Since NORD was unwilling to make a decision on supporting (or not supporting) the resolution, proposed by BeeSAFE, to be a GMO free community, they formed the RAAC over a year ago. The role of this committee was to advise NORD on this issue so they could make the decision.

Note that the proof of contamination has been admitted by the committee itself. Co-existence is impossible.

For director Macnabb, chair of the committee, to refuse to give advice makes a mockery of the entire process and of the hundreds of people who showed up at meetings or wrote letters asking NORD to protect organic and conventional growers. It is also an insult to committee members who took their responsibility seriously.

The two communities in RDNO that held a vote on GMO both voted over 90% to become GE FREE.  At UBCM 60% of community leaders voted to ask the province to make all of BC GE FREE. For the chair to now refuse to give advice on this matter is unacceptable. It is a blatant diversionary tactic and a clear refusal to represent the public who has spoken clearly on this matter.

The actions, or non-actions of director Macnabb, have made it clear from the beginning he has been opposed to our region working to be GE FREE.  Further proof came when he took the mic at UBCM  to urge other leaders to not support the resolution to make BC GE FREE.

Clearly director Macnabb should step down as chair of this committee.

Director Macnabb states," the people can make their own choice". They already have. Yet NORD continues to defer this issue, to neither accept the votes that have occurred or do their own referendum, even though they have been informed that time is of great importance. This is a clear indication that NORD is refusing to represent the people.

The recent charges against NORD for not doing due diligence in protecting the water of this area can also apply to this. Despite having been clearly informed about the severe environmental, health and economic risks associated with allowing GM crops to continue, they are not protecting our area from further contamination while being completely aware that by not making a decision, they are allowing further contamination.

If the board on Nov. 6th. cannot make a decision based on the will of the people, if they refuse to accept the votes that have occurred as representative, then they must call for a referendum without delay.

Huguette Allen, Jane Emlyn, Carla Vierke
co-founders, Bee SAFE