Goat Herd

I breed for high milk yield and long teats easy to milk by hand. My herd is tested against CAE and Johnes and very healthy. I am also selling my cheese making equipment if you're interested. 

Two Registered Nigerian Bucks:

Since bucks make up half the herd, my bucks are both from US Dairy stock and have proven to be great producers. They are gentle and easy to handle. They live together and are good buddies. 

Image removed.Image removed.CURL CREEK DJANGO

 is 4 years old, gorgeous and a real gentleman with the ladies. I wanted a buckling from Curl Creek Farm produced by Castle Rock Black Oak (check out the udders on his page!) and bought him from Curl Creek farm when he was 3 months old and looked like this:

Django has not disappointed. His kids are gorgeous and his daughter Toundra is a great producer with a wonderful udder as you can see below. Check out Trixie's triplets to see more of Django's kids.



Image removed.Image removed.CHERRY RIDGE RM PETERSON

 is a sweetheart and loves to be groomed! He is 2 years old and also from US dairy import and his dam Cedar Green Pandora has proven to be a wonderful milker as shown in the photos below showing her udder and yield at 5 weeks freshening:

Check out Domino and Toundra's triplets to see the nice kids Peterson made this year!

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One Registered Nubian Doe

Image removed.Image removed.WILLOWS WILD TRIXIE 

our star milker, had triplets this year, 2 doelings: Taiga and Tulip and 1 buckling: Topaz. They are all beautiful, with moon spots, some with Nubian ears, and have the cuddly friendly demeanor of their father Django, who is the friendliest buck around!

Trixie looks like a big deer with her moon spots.  Her udder is exceptional as you can see here.  Without separateing her triplets at night I still get over 1 litre of milk in the morning! Without kids I got 1 gallon a day last year.



2 Doelings and one Wether - born of Trixie and Django, April 7 2022:


Image removed.TImage removed.opaz the wether is on the left, and Tulip, a doeling is on the right - both look Nubian.  And here is Taiga whose spots are darkening by the day.







1 Mini Nubian Doe -  Her Dam is Trixie, Sire is Django

Image removed.Image removed.Toundra is a 2 year old mini Nubian who is a good producer and a great mother. She has 1 daughter from last year who is eady to be bred and triplets from this year, one doeling and 2 castrated males. All are available. The kids sire is Peterson. 

Toundra's udder is very nice and easy to milk by hand.





1 Yearling doe, ready to breed this Fall: Dam is Toundra, Sire is Django:


Image removed.Image removed.1) Domino is one year old and ready to be bred this fall:






One Doeling and 2 Wethers born of Toundra April 29, 2022

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Trixie, my registered Nubian always breeds with Django, one of my registered Nigerian and Toundra (Tixie’s daughter) breeds with Peterson, also a registered Nigerian  - If I bred Toundra’s kids I would breed them with Django, their grandfather, which is fine, but not with a father or brother.