Red for Green Amber meeting #3

rural Lumby
Trish Cory Adden's - 60 Shafer Rd

prior Meeting December 18, 2018

Attending: Trish, Ariel, Kevin B, Kevin R, Paulette, Gayle, Laurie, Doug, Earl, Blair, Monica, Mayelin, Chris

FYI bigger picture: Kentucky Fried Chicken may be coming to Lumby – a business committee is developing around that


  1. Social Media Facebook/ Petition – STEVE, Ariel. need Name ideas for the social media page 

  2. Website:RUSS www.BEEsafeMonashees.orglink is redforgreenamber

  3. Media:TRISH AND HUGUETTE Letter that Huguette has created can be sent out

  4. Spokespeople - TRISH & KEVIN

  5. By-law 2799– what is it exactly? – HUGUETTE, DOUG NEIL are tending to that. 3,000 square feet for grandfathering in micro-grow-ops in Cherryville. Amanda – Area E

August by- law; local governments are encouraged to take part in this development of cannabis. Cannabis can go on ALR land but doesn’t have to. Local government has the power. They are working with a lawyer to help us to know what we need to do to move forward

ACTION: write to district reps; letters to the editor; letter to Rick Fairbairn; regional directors; facebook posts

ACTION: work to have a delegation go to RDNO (nothing says that we can’t have this) ; work to have a delegation to ALC (they are in no hurry to move as RDNO is not prepared)

ACTION: prepare for public meeting that Jonathan must set up

  1. Investigation.Investors. Conflict of interest. Where does lumby council stand on this? ARIEL, Gayle

  2. Environmental Impact.Sewer; run off; roads. HUGUETTE. MONICA. RON B (soil testing) Shuswap River Society

8. Water:52 kilometer aquifer – more information. Using Evaline Needs to be tested in the summer. KEVIN. With the cleared land, runoff will go down into the creek and pond nearby. GA has 7.5/gallons/minute if constant 326 feet down. GA is putting in for a water license with the wrong well #- Kev B Health Canada – reverse osmosis is required for the water treatment KEVIN AND KELLY

  1. Policing/security.Corporal Lecky with RCMP. 6 applications for cannabis production within their jurisdiction. (Hurt Road). Some confusion about this. HUGUETTE AND KELLY are following this up. If we have concerns about increased crime, it will go up in our area. Dispensaries and small grow-ops are being robbed in the lower mainland. Police is not ready. No additional help coming from the government. Home invasion of micro-gro-ops is on the increase. Response times will be slow. When guns are involved, Kelowna SWAT team needs to be called. 

  2. Transportation/security/road accessof these cannabis producers. PAULETTE

  3. Fire danger. Lumby fire department is ill-equipped with anything that might happen at GA.

  4. Roads and Access.


Nancy chapman?

  1. OCP - Public meeting with Jonathan Fernandez – when is it happening?

Trueleaf: Kevin spoke with them. They think it’s another 18 months til GA are up and running.

GreenAmber: needs to apply for license; building permit; water license. They think Green Amber will be at least 2 years before planting. 

Lumby supported the industrial application; not the present one for ALR and rural residential. That has not yet been pulled. Talk to Kevin Acton or a Lumby councillor why is this still included in the application. 

We encourage everyone to sign up to assist in one or more of these Groups. A report from each group will be made at the next meeting. These reports will be the basis of our presentation subsequently, be it public meeting or delegation. They will also be valuable when writing letters to the editor, politicians, facebook posts or in conversation.

Each committee will email each other but not the group as a whole. If others have information relevant to a committee, they send it to the head of each committee.