Species of Gut Bacteria reverses Autism?

A new study shows that a single species of gut bacteria can reverse autism-related social behavior in mice. The absence of a one specific species of gut bacteria causes social deficits in mice, researchers report. By adding this bacteria species back to the guts of affected mice, the researchers were able to reverse some of their behavioral deficits, which are reminiscent of symptoms of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in humans. The investigators are now looking to explore the effects of probiotics on neurodevelopmental disorders in future work. Read the article here

Dr. Thierry Vrain says: "Imagine the possibilities and consequences. A daily intake (chronic exposure) of a probiotic culture will cure all kinds of autistic symptoms. Perhaps taking in a daily dose of antibiotic glyphosate as we all do today will also not happen anymore, soon. I was in Washington DC this week to present to EPA Directors and congressional and senate staff. I let them know clearly that glyphosate is antibiotic, and that was confirmed by Seneff and Samsel and a few others who presented their published peer reviewed alarming results. The more public this knowledge becomes the more pressure on the EPA to ban glyphosate."